K9 Care Obedience Training

Learn the skills you need to make training your dog Easy, Effective & Enjoyable.

Over 1000 clients have attended K9 Care Obedience Training Courses 

K9 Care provides training for dogs of all ages, breeds and levels of experience. From puppies to adolescents, or recently acquired rescue dogs.

Latest K9 Care Videos

Training is FUN 2“Training is FUN 2”

The sequel to “Training is FUN” published 2 years ago when Shanti was 3-6months

Shanti is now 2 1/2 years of age, her responsiveness has improved enormously as she has transitioned Adolescence.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 2.20.30 pm“Walk Don’t PULL”

Its a joy walking our dogs when they walk with us & don’t pull.

Find out how simple it can be to train your dog to walk with you.

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Individual Sessions and Group Classes are available in the Fremantle area.

bw sit by sidejpg

Our clients acquire the skills needed to train their dogs well, as they develop from Puppies into Teenagers & into Adults.

Puppies change very quickly.

 PUPPY to a TEENAGER with ATTITUDE By just 6 MONTHS of age.

Early training prevents the development of many common and frustrating problems. 

Jumping for Attention  –  Pulling on the Lead  –  Not Coming Back

K9 Care uses Scientifically Proven & Effective Training Techniques which are


 “Brilliant classes I would highly recommend them to anyone.” 

“Khali now sits, stays and comes every time !”

Sophia, Fremantle (read more)

Small group classes provideGp BW tight shot individual attention for all participants.

Clients learn how to use effective Positive Association Techniques combined with a simple & innovative training framework.

The K9 Care Training Framework integrates lead walking skills with all your essential and common Basic Obedience Commands.



The framework is easy to use and allows you to develop responsiveness from your dog in multiple environments, with increasing levels of distraction.


“My objective is to help you create the obedient, responsive & happy dog you want and that everybody loves to meet.”

Cruz graduates snap

 “Nikhil’s classes are informative, friendly and great fun, and a must for any new dog owners!”  

Cruz learnt quickly & was thoroughly engaged during the process.

Jackie, Mike & Cruz. Fremantle (read more)

 Please call Nikhil or contact me by email for more details

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