Positive Puppy Program


This special program is designed for new puppy owners and covers all you need to know to get you started on the right track with your new puppy.

Creating good habits from the start is easier, quicker & much more rewarding than undoing bad habits once they have formed.

As an owner of a new puppy, your knowledge, skills, & the way you use them play a huge part in how well your puppy develops good habits & social skills.

The most common puppy problems for owners of adolescent dogs (6 Mths+)

Pulling on the Lead  –  Jumping for Attention  –  Poor Recall.

All of which are easily avoidable with early training.

“The Positive Puppy Program” includes:

Toilet training. Teaching basic obedience.

Dealing with jumping, nipping and biting. Introducing new objects and environments.

Socialisation requirements for dogs & people.  Managing separation anxiety.

These 90 mins sessions are delivered at your home, in familiar surroundings for your puppy.

You will learn modern effective, positive reward training techniques which will get you lasting results quickly.

“Nikhil gave us strategies which had an immediate & positive effect on Poppy’s annoying behaviours, like nipping and jumping up for attention.”

“We now have the dog we always wanted !”  Michelle Brian & Poppy. (read more)

“Create a great dog for life”  Nikhil

Please call Nikhil for further information or to book your session.

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