Testimonial Sophia & Khali

My Staffy, Khali at 6 months was getting quite big, jumping up for attention, pulling on the lead, and not coming when called, especially when we were out at exciting places like the dog beach.

I started K9 Care Group Obedience classes with her and found a really positive change inKhali snap her behavior very quickly.

Kali was sitting and staying on command, and coming more when called, even after the first few classes.

The way the classes were structured meant both dog and owner had to be very engaged in the process of training. And this translated to great results for everyone.


Following Khali’s graduation from Level 1 classes, she now sits/stays EVERY time on command, and comes when called EVERY time;

Khali’s behavioural improvements have stayed to this day.

Nikhil’s classes are brilliantly run and his insight into our dog’s behavior is really quite extraordinary.

I saw even the most difficult dogs/pups improving every week, right before my eyes..

I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who want to learn to train their dogs effectively and in a fun Positive way.