dr-nicoleDr Nicole Lobry de Bruyn. BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Animal behaviour)

I first met Nikhil a few years ago when I started working as vet at Palmyra Veterinary Hospital.

Straight away his passion and commitment to working with dogs was evident.

He is a valuable trainer who recognises the boisterous, untrained but healthy dog from the abnormal and mentally unwell dog, which needs extra veterinary behaviour care. 

Nikhil provides a great service to owners looking to improve their communication with their dog. He works in a positive and enthusiastic manner that is both effective and infectious.

“I love recommending his services to clients.”

Dr Nicole Lobry de Bruyn
BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Animal behaviour)


“I cannot recommend Nikhil highly enough. He is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and his enthusiasm is infectious.”


I have recently completed Level 2 Life Skills course with my dog Frank.

Nikhil’s courses are fun, well structured and based on the development of a positive and effective relationship with our dogs.

It was wonderful to see how far people came during the course and how much more responsive their dogs were to them.

“I can’t wait for the Level 3 course”  Kim & Frank August 2017


“Nikhil’s classes educate both owner and dog, and provide strategies that you can use in real life situations.”


We found Level 1 so enjoyable and informative that we signed up and started Level 2 the week after we completed Level 1.

Our pup, Tessa loved the classes as much as we did. Nikhil warmly welcomed and included all family members

We highly recommend K9 Care. Thank you Nikhil (and Shanti!)

Tessa and Kendell August 2017

“Thank you, Nikhil, for running such an amazing class and passing on your invaluable knowledge.”


Gypsy has just completed Level 2 Life Skills.

Both ourselves and Gypsy thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and the puppy friends she has made along the way. 


The Level 2 classes have been incredibly valuable, allowing for us to better communicate with and understand our puppy, while also developing new ways to make training fun. 


Jeff, Anna, Josie and Gypsy. July 2017


“Scout and I really got a lot out of Level 2 – Life Skills.”


We learnt how to develop and reinforce new & useful skills,

We also received lots of valuable advice from Nikhil about raising Scout.

” When’s Level 3 ! “

Melanie & Scout July 2017

“Very Happy To Highly Recommend K9 Care” 


Nikhil reinforces the tenacity required to train your dog to be the best dog they can be. 

He has demonstrated how small changes can have a very big effect whilst emphasising that effort and time equals results. 

Level 1 is a great Foundation course.

Thank you Nikhil. Karen, Danny , Lorenzo and of course Rosie!!  July 2017


Sol“Nikhil was very knowledgeable”

He passed on really useful information about our dog’s breed, & great tips on how to train Sol well, and in a positive way too.

This is our first dog, so the training was very important for us to learn how to raise Sol properly, and be the great dog we want her to be.

I would definitely recommend the courses !

Janaine Gareth & Sol July 2017

” Thank you so much for running such amazing obedience training courses !! 🙂 “

Marlow 2

 We hugely enjoyed your lessons and the friends we’ve made from the classes have been a huge plus.

Having all your hints of how to keep Marlow’s attention in a positive and rewarding way rather than being negative and yelling, made teaching our dog so much more fun, and I know both us and Marlow will be better for it.

Sarah Steve & Marlow July 2017


Milly“We were extremely happy with Level 1 Foundations training and can’t wait to start Level 2 Life Skills.”

We received great advice from Nikhil and practical training exercises that expanded on key concepts we learnt at puppy school.

Key tips on feeding regimes and suitable harnesses for lead walking have changed our lives for the better.

Thanks, Kevin, Erin & Milly July 2017



Loui“We had a great time in Level 1 Foundations”

We learnt how to train our dog our puppy Loui and had lots of fun on the way.

Nikhil goes above and beyond to help with any issues or concerns. Such a great teacher.

Sam, Glenn & Loui July 2017


Otto“Level 1 Foundations was amazing.”

We really established and solidified basics in obedience training which is so important in young pups.

Otto also enjoyed himself and was constantly thriving to learn more.

We are looking forward to moving into Level 2  Life Skills training!

Zsofia Brian & Otto July 2017


Ruby“Very happy we completed Level 1 Foundations with Nikhil at K9 Care.”  

We all found it extremely beneficial in teaching us how to train Ruby to be an attentive and obedient Red Dog.

Kind regards,

Jo, Jasmine, Brett & Ruby July 2017


“Level 2 really helped to prevent Luna’s lead pulling”


Level 2 assisted in providing strategies to prevent Luna’s lead pulling, particularly when approaching and passing other dogs.

We also learnt practical skills like impulse control & getting Luna to stay on her bed during meal times and also when we are out.

We have a very happy dog who appreciates the consistency the training taught us.

Emma Marko & Luna July 2017


“Highly recommend Level 2 Life Skills for any dog owner”


Level 2 classes have been invaluable with each lesson building on the previous, providing us with the skills required to be able to communicate more clearly with Mikko.

We have gained the tools and confidence we needed to take Mikko out to the park, beach or cafe knowing he will behave well.

I recommend this course for any owner. Thank you Nikhil, you and your classes will be missed!”

Jaymie, Tareq & Mikko June 2017

“K9 Care Level 1 and 2 training is excellent, we highly recommend it”

Lily 1

Nikhil is a passionate and caring dog trainer who uses a positive approach which resonated strongly with us. He provides realistic, useful and specific ideas which we found very helpful.

Lily used to pull a lot on the lead, but now I look forward to our walks and most of the time we walk with a loose lead.

The group sessions were enjoyable and fun, and we also received individual support when needed.

Shane, Sally & Lily June 2017

“Nikhil is a genuine and enthusiastic trainer” 

We have a very sweet & slightly anxious dog, who can be fearful of other dogs. Nikhil welcomed us into his class, and made sure both we & Cooper felt safe.

We enrolled primarily to help with Cooper’s socialisation, which we achieved and much more.

We learnt some important and practical obedience, some neat tricks, and really improved our training skills, which we continue to use to teach Cooper new things.

Nikhil’s classes improved our connection with Cooper, and made him happier too, well worth the investment.  Andrea Dave & Cooper June 2017


“Now I’ve learnt how smart Poppy is, I can’t wait to start Level 2”


Nikhil is always encouraging and helpful, and I believe his business is really about making dogs’ lives better by educating their owners.

He was very accommodating when illness delayed us starting, and also when I got so enthusiastic that I started turning up early. We’ve really enjoyed the social aspect of the classes – doggy and human –  Now that I’ve seen how smart my gorgeous pup is, I just need to learn more to keep up with her.

Ros & Poppy June 2017

Leo“We are SO HAPPY we continued on with Level 2 Life Skills, following Leo’s graduation from Level 1 Foundations.”

Nikhil helped us learn how to manage
Leo’s endless energy by creating techniques to gain his attention and always ensure his focus was on us.

Leo improved amazingly from week one and we feel really confident going into Leo’s adolescence! We will miss Nikhil! 

Thank you! Erin Josh & Leo June 2017


“We have found Nikhil’s techniques very useful and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to others.”


We had a great time attending Nikhil’s Level 1 class and created some valuable foundations for our 7month old puppy Bonnie.

Nikhil is very patient and encouraging and we found the classes very informative and use his techniques in every day.

Bonnie is a very active dog and we learnt some good ways to get her to listen to commands when there are distractions.

Thank you!.. Cait, Wade & Bonnie June 2017



“Nikhil’s classes are extremely calm, well structured, sequenced and informative.”

I found it very easy to follow his directions and practice the skills we learnt in class at home.

Lola has come a long way and although we still have a long way to go we will definitely continue to work with Nikhil, and are looking forward to Level 2.


Tessa & Lola June 2017


“What we thought we knew,  inevitably amounted to nothing !!”


Completing Level 2 Life Skills has had a noticeable & positive effect on Luna.

She has grown into quite a well behaved 10 month old puppy.

The biggest thing we took out of the classes was the amount we learnt as owners.

We now have a much greater understanding of what our puppy needs from us to learn and to grow into the dog we want to have.

Thanks for all your time and help,

Mark & Dani & Luna June 2017


“Level 2 Life Skills was absolutely fantastic”


Denzel has come such a long way since he completed Level 1 Foundations.

His behaviour has improved dramatically. He now sits on his rug when we ask him, comes to us when we call him and stays when we tell him to stay. This all helps so much with day to day activities.

We would recommended Nikhil’s courses to any dog owner. We had a fantastic time, learnt a lot and have a lot of fun training.

Terri Danny & Denzel June 2017

“Nikhil is a fantastic teacher with many good ideas to pass on.”

Balto 2

We adopted our German Shepherd Balto, at 10 months and he had a few issues we were concerned about.

We felt he needed more socialisation and he also pulled a lot on the lead.

We first met Nikhil when he came to our house for a private lesson which was most informative.

We have just completed the Level 1 Foundations and are very much looking forward to Level 2 Life Skills. Chris Ray & Balto June 2017


Joel & Panda“We would highly recommend Nikhil’s courses to anyone.”

Panda has just completed Level 2 Life Skills

This is the second dog we have taken through Nikhil’s training courses.

Both times they have been great experiences for both us and our dog.

Nikhil’s courses are fun, practical and effective.

Joel, Leanna & Panda June 2017



Pepper“Highly recommend this course.”

Pepper has just completed Level 1 Foundations

Nikhil train’s us,,,  Not our dogs !

We learn to become trainers.

I’ll will be using the skills I have learnt long after the course has ended.

Darren & Pepper – June 2017

“We got so much more out of the course we than expected”


Nikhil welcomed the fact that I brought my children along to the lessons.

The whole family has learnt the same communication and training techniques

This means that Winston receives consistent commands from the whole family & knows exactly what we are expecting of him.

Nikhil gave everyone one-on-one help when it was needed and was always happy to answer our questions.

We now have a more ‘well-behaved’ puppy which has, in turn, increased our enjoyment of our newest family member. Shivaun & Winston June 2017

“We thoroughly recommend the Level 1 course with Nikhil at K9 Care”


The classes were so informative and Nikhil creates such a positive and enjoyable environment.

Nikhil has really helped us take the first step to creating a well behaved and happy dog!

Thanks to Nikhil also for including our daughter in all of the training and making her feel so important, she even got her own certificate.

Dave, Tanya and Charlotte May 2017


“Without Nikhils commitment and understanding we wouldn’t be able to have the fun with Freddie that we do.”

Freddie Nikhil courses are as much fun for the owners as they are for the dawgs.

In Level 2 we were given little challenges to work on such as taking Freddy to a cafe & getting him to settle on his mat.

Such a simple idea but one that means we have gained confidence in taking Freddy out and to different places and we can now enjoy breakfast out as a family

Sherry Marty & Freddie May 2017

“Thanks Nikhil.. Your course really helped us with Geoffrey”


We found Nikhil’s level 1 course greatly beneficial in helping Geoffrey learn commands that we had not previously had much success in teaching him to do well.

The training was presented in a fun and enthusiastic manner which made it enjoyable for Geoffrey, and for us!

Thanks Nikhil!

Natasha & Geoffrey May 2017

“A really well thought out course, we learnt heaps and had fun too”


“This well thought out course really helped us learn to communicate with Mikko.

We created a great relationship and an obedience foundation at the same time.

The best part was that the classes were super fun and we looked forward to them every week!”

Jaymie and Tareq May 2017

“Thanks for all your help, advice and guidance, your classes were a huge help.”

Adam & Trevor

We came to your classes back in 2015, with Trevor, (on right)

Sadly we had to return to the UK, and took Trevor with us.

I wanted to let you know that Trevor has grown up into a great little dog and that all the training we have done has paid off.

We have now added to the family with new arrival. The young & energetic Rodney. (seated on left)

We have been using everything we learnt from your training classes with Rodney and he is also going really well, very obedient but being younger he has so much energy!

Thanks for all your help 🙂  Adam Trevor & Rodney April 2017


“Scout and I have had a fantastic Level 1 experience.”

Melanie & Scout

We learnt so much from Nikhil over the six weeks of the Level 1 Foundations course.

All the skills we learnt during the course have been really useful.

They are fun, simple to use and easy to apply to everyday life.

I am now enjoying my dog rather than wishing away her puppyhood.

Melanie & Scout March 2017


“The Level 1 Foundations course was just brilliant !!”

Terrie Danny and Denzel

When we started, Denzel was easily distracted & would get very over excited, making him a bit of a handful to manage in class.

We learnt how to get Denzel to focus more on us, and be much calmer as a result, just by us being patient and using a few treats.

These simple skills really improved our confidence & helped us stay positive when things were tough.

Nikhil’s knowledge and experience are exceptional, we can’t thank him enough for all his help and advice.

We saw so much improvement that we enrolled in Level 2 before we had even completed Level 1.   Terrie Danny and Denzel March 2017


“Enrolling Mooki into Level 1 Foundations was the best thing we have done”  

Azin & Mooki

We started as slightly nervous first time owners, but quickly gained the skills & confidence to understand, train and communicate well with our pup !

Nikhil is knowledgeable and very patient, he runs great classes and we cannot recommend him enough!

We were so pleased with how much more obedient and focused Mooki  became that we enrolled her into Level 2 prior to finishing Level 1.

Azin, Kade & Mooki March 2017

“Thanks for all your help Nikhil!  I’d recommend you without reservation”

Sue Dave & Thalia

We have had a one on one session when Tahlia was 8 months old and followed up with both Level 1 & Level 2 courses.

We’ve learnt heaps about training and also about our puppy Tahlia.

Her effervescent personality means she can get distracted & excited easily which can be challenging, however we have noticed great improvements.

The little steps we see her make are actually really big steps for her. I need to remember this as I continue training and also to keep it FUN!

It’s great to see that David is more involved and really enjoys training her too.

Sue Dave & Thalia March 2017


“When I first got Winston at 8 weeks all he would do was bite me !!! “. 

Desley & Winston

After hearing about Nikhil, I enrolled in his Level 1 & Level 2 courses.

Winston is 7 months old now and a pleasure to walk & live with.

Our communication has improved greatly & with it his responsiveness. We both enjoy our daily training sessions at the park & people who see us regularly have also noticed the improvement.

I highly recommend doing the courses to bring yourself and your dog closer together. 

“The answer to a having a well-trained dog is all down to the human owner, what they know and what they do.”   Desley & Winston March 2017


“Initially we had a private one on one session with Nikhil which really helped us with our new bundle of joy, Milly.”

Hayley Ben & Millie

This proved to be incredibly helpful when it came to attending group classes, as she had already had some exposure to the program.

Nikhil made the whole learning experience easy to apply and gave us a great understanding of how and why our pups are behaving the way they are.

The best part of attending Nikhil’s classes was not just the newly learnt skills Milly had gained, but the beautiful bond that blossomed between us.

Hayley Ben & Mille March 2017


Glen & Poppy 2

“Nikhil has a rare talent for teaching”

He is able to impart his vast knowledge of a dog’s physicality and psychology to his students (we owners), in a way that’s easy to understand.

His positive association training techniques make training fun and enhances the happy relationship between us and our beloved dogs.

Glen and Poppy March 2017


“We realised that it was us that needed training more than our dogs !”

Jem & Jane

Nikhil has guided us with the care of Red the Aussie Terrier, and more recently Billie the Border Collie.

Rather than the dogs, it was us that needed the training! Using Nikhil’s advice, we’ve slowly but steadily seen our excitable furkids develop into calmer and more responsive family members.

Jem, Jane, Red and Billie March 2017

“Cassie now walks a lot better on her lead without the constant pulling, this has turned our walks into something pleasurable instead of dreading”

Karen & Cassie

Cassie our 7 month Kelpie has just completed Level 1 Foundations

Being very lively & easily distracted, attending classes really helped me to understand how to work with her and get the best out of her.

 Nikhil’s Classes Work.

Karen & Cassie March 2017

“Level 1 foundations was just what we needed to get off to a great start training our boisterous Australian Shepherd Leo.”

Erin & Leo

Nikhil brings so much knowledge to each session and was really encouraging and patient whilst Leo was learning the basics.

We saw a great improvement in his behaviour and responsiveness each week and we can now confidently get his attention in social situations.

We look forward to learning even more in level 2 later in the year. Thank you for your amazing efforts Nikhil!

Erin and Leo March 2017

“I loved Nikhil’s positive & supportive approach to training”

Lola & Billie

“He allowed everyone to develop with their dog at their own pace, in a positive environment.

Practicing Nikhil’s simple training techniques and commands regularly just a few times a week in between classes, has given my dog and I an even greater bond.

I now have more confidence to expand on the training and try new things.” 

Lola & Billie March 2017

Nikhil is not just a dog trainer, he’s a people trainer !

Fil & Leo

We learnt how to train our puppy Leo in a positive way and also learnt to understand his body language and behaviour.

This allowed us to take our training far beyond classes and into real life situations. Nikhil operates in a fun enthusiastic environment where you look forward to attending every weekend.

Happy to recommend K9 Care to anyone that is looking for the best quality training at a very reasonable price.   Fil Sabrina & Leo March 2017


Highly recommend K9 Care Obedience Training.

Nikhil calls himself a dog trainer, but really he’s a people trainer.

Wendy & Pekoe

Pekoe and I just passed Level 1 Foundations Training.

I was surprised we did so well, because when we started Pekoe had a very short attention span.

Amazing what a difference a mere 4 hours over 4 weeks can make.  

Wendy & Pekoe – Dec 2016

Level 1 Foundations gave us the tips we needed to help us communicate better with Vaughn and help him understand what we wanted from him.Vaughn Shake

We started the course as we were  having some trouble with getting Vaughn’s attention, especially off lead and when interacting with other dogs.

Now, Vaughn is much more responsive in social situations.

Helen & Kyle – Dec 2016


Laura & PoppyThank you so much for all your help with training Poppy this year.

Level 1 Foundations has been a great starting point for us.

I feel so much more confident with her and have a much better understanding of how to train Poppy well and guide her as she continues to develop and grow.

Laura & Poppy – Dec 2016

             Highly recommend K9 Care Obedience Training  

“Thank you so much Nikhil for your dedication and professionalism”


We gained so much from completing level 1 and 2 obedience training and so did our puppy Willow.

Attending the courses made such a difference. We really enjoyed learning how to train our puppy & are now well equipped with the skills we need.  

Thank you so much for sharing your training methods and guidance.

We highly recommend K9 Care.   Andrew, Kerry & Willow – Nov 2016

  “Classes like Nikhil’s should be compulsory for all new dog owners.”

In Nikhil’s classes we learnt so much more than how to teach our dog to sit & stay.  We learnt how to communicate with our dog well & create an enjoyable relationship.


We also learnt how to interpret our dog’s body language & behaviour, allowing us to react with good timing & appropriately.

When you learn how to train well, it only takes 90 seconds of training a few times a day to embed skills.

We also learnt that all dog owners experience similar frustrations when their dogs are going through adolescence. Elisha Karl & Jed Nov 2016


Definitely Recommend K9 Care.

Nikhil has been great at helping us understand Luna’s reactions and behaviours in different situations.

Providing us with effective strategies on how to deal with them and keep her more focused on us and responding to commands..

 Emma Marko & Luna – Nov 2016

Who knew cute obedient puppies become teenagers with attitude ?  Not me !!


At 8 months Tahlia was thankfully normal and not totally delinquent!

Nikhil taught us how to use clear commands and be consistent with our responses & training.

His passion for dogs is wonderful and it was nice to see how he developed such great rapport with the man of the house.

Sue David & Thalia – Nov 2016

K9 Care’s Level 1 course was excellent timing for our 4mth old Lab Cindah!

We have all (humans and puppy!) benefited from Nikhil’s extensive experience and common sense approach to obedience training.

We have come a long way in just 4 weeks and are really looking forward to doing Level 2 next year.   

Melissa & Cindah – Nov 2016

Marty loves training Freddie so much now he some times even takes over.Freddie

Nikhil’s classes are very informative, combined with his knowledge and calm aura his  classes are a delight.

I was the doggy mad person but the way that Nikhil teaches, has inspired my other half Marty to get involved.

Marty loves training our dog so much now he some times even takes over.

We now both share in Freddy’s training which is a true accolade to Nikhil’s ability in teaching people how to train their dogs. Sherry Marty & Freddie – Nov 2016


“From the outset, I could see that Nikhil was an experienced dog trainer with a genuine interest in getting the best out of his clients & their dogs. 


At 5 months of age Banjo was a normal, happy-go-lucky Labrador.

He was however, much more focused on having fun, playing & socialising with other dogs than he was in paying any attention to me. 

Nikhil taught us how to gain and maintain Banjo’s focus, resulting in a more attentive and obedient dog.

We’re enjoying developing the skills that we’ve gained from Level 1 training, and  look forward to continuing onto Level 2.”  Julie & Banjo – Nov 2016



K9 Care’s Level 1 course has been a great foundation and starting point for my puppy Bentleys training. 

Nikhil makes the course easy to understand and has a great positive and supportive energy.

I would also like to note the course is reasonably priced. I will definitely be attending level 2 with Bentley next year!

Dani & Bentley – November 2016



Attending Nikhil’s classes has been the best decision we have made for our dog.

Kevin and I are new dog owners and absolutely love our 9month old Pomsky- Rocky to bits!

Nikhil’s in depth understanding of dogs psychology and sharing this information in all his classes really helped Kevin and I understand Rocky’s behaviour better, and we saw amazing results very quickly.

This experience has fostered a great bond between Rocky and us.

We are proud to say Rocky is an obedient, happy and loving Pomsky. Without any hesitation we would recommend K9 Care to any future dog owners.

Kevin Vasala & Rocky – October 2016



“Thanks for all your help over the last two years”

Training is a journey ! We started with Nikhil back in July 2014 when our puppy Scozzie was 4 months old. It has been a long slow process (and continues to be a work in progress!)

Being a kelpie/ dingo cross he is strong minded, smart and stubborn but very loving and an extremely handsome puppy.

Nikhil has given us many tips and strategies to help train our dog and our family. He taught us it’s more about what the humans do and how they act, than it is about the dog. We learnt a lot attending the classes and Nikhil has always been available to help out as new issues have arisen at different stages of Scozzie’s development.

Scozzie obviously enjoyed the classes too and he still wags his tail furiously whenever we see Nikhil out walking with Shanti.

Trish & Andy & Scozie – August 2016


Jono & Whinnie“Wally and Winnie, have both completed up to Level 3 and we can’t wait to do more !..”

Nikhil is extremely patient, not only with our dogs but also with us as owners! 

We are often commended on how well behaved both our dogs are.

This is only as a result of the how Nikhil taught us enjoy training our little fury friends.  Johnno & Casey –  July 2016


Deb & Scout

“It wasn’t that I didn’t know the basics of dog training”

However it turns out I didn’t know the basics of training the human to do the training!

 Nikhil’s classes taught me how to work with Scout and what to do when she was being cheeky.

Nikhil helped us all to see what was going on from Scouts point of view and gave us useful strategies on how to deal with it.

Debra & Scout – July 2016

Sonya Richard & Bart“We Really Enjoyed The Classes.”

We found the classes provided a good balance between theory and practice.

We have completed Level 3 and developed a much stronger connection with our rescue dog Bart and have some really useful tools for the future.

Nikhil clearly has a passion for what he does, always willing to offer help and advice, even beyond the scope of the classes. 

Richard and Sonya – July 2016


Anthony & Zeus“Thanks For All Your Help Nikhil.”

The training classes were a great help in getting us and our new puppy Zeus on the right track.

When we began Zeus was a little terror, getting easily distracted and not listening. 

We have now completed Levels 1 to 3 we can really see the improvements.

Anthony & Zeus – July 2016



“Nikhil Is A Wonderful Teacher”

He has enabled us to interact and train our new puppy in a supportive and effective manner. His advice and training techniques are easy to understand, and apply to everyday life. 

It’s more than just training;  it teaches you how to use training to establish a great relationship with your canine companion.  

 Luke Jaimy & Ernie – May 2016


“We Highly Recommend K9 Care.Brody & Holly” 

Our Husky Holly completed Level 1 and has learnt to Sit, Stay & Drop with just a hand signal.

We would not have been able to do this without Nikhil’s guidance in teaching us how to train our dog.

Maddison Brody & Holly – May 2016


“Nikhil is passionate about dogs”

He is highly skilled in training people and uses very effective training methods.

His help has been essential in creating the behaviour we want from our dogs.

Rose, Ryan, Sue, Tiger-Lily and Suki, Willagee. June 2011 (read more…)

Nikhil – you’re the best !  

“Each time we pick Fergus up his manners have improved, and he is an all-round better behaved dog.”

Matthew, Kara “Fergus” Fremantle May 2012  (read more…)


We think Nikhil is the “Dog Whisperer”.

K9 Care is doggy heaven, which allows us to holiday with confidence.

Richard & Jenny Hay Mount Pleasant April 2012

(read more…)

Thank you Nikhil                                                               “Your work with Tess through massage has been a god send, and your advice for managing her diet has had a huge impact on our beloved dog’s life.”

Sophie & Tess, Fremantle, May 2012  (read more…)


Nikhil really is a dog’s best friend !,

He is insightful, 

instinctive and reliable !

“I knew he was the right person straightaway.”

Josie “Yoda & Jango” White Gum Valley April 2012

 (read more…)


Since Nikhil at K9 Care started visiting and walking the dogs, Maggie has completely turned a corner.

She is now socialising beautifully with people and other dogs.

Carol, Jason “Toby & Maggie” Palmyra. March 2012   (read more…)


“Nikhil has been great!”  I really appreciate all that he has done for us with our deaf dog Lilly, She now walks better on the lead is much more responsive and less distracted.

We both would whole-heatedly recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Sophie & Lilly, Fremantle, May 2012 (read more…)