Group Training Course Overview

 K9 Care Obedience Training helps owners get the results they want.


“Our objective is to educate owners, giving them the skills & knowledge they need to train their dogs well.

The skills & knowledge our clients gain, are their’s for life.

K9 Care uses, Positive Association Techniques –  minimising the use of treats.

K9 Care Obedience Training – Course Overview Videos 

 Level 1 Foundations (3m 10s)                                         Level 2 Life Skills (3m 20s)Level-2-overviewLevel 1 Foundations 2017

Courses run in 6 week modules x 1 hour each week. Course Fee $ 275.00

To enrol in any classes simply contact me by phone 0402 255 266

“Nikhil’s classes get amazing results”

“In just weeks our dog Cooper changed from a timid & nervous dog to be much more confident and relaxed” Thank You Nicola Alfie & Cooper

Starting training early allows you to develop the good habits you want your puppy to have, saving much time & frustration undoing bad habits.

 K9 Care provides two levels of training designed to meet the needs of developing puppies, as they go quickly into adolescence and on into adulthood.

K9 Care Course Overview Levels 1 & Level 2

Level 1 Foundations – Your starting point in learning how to train your dog.

Level 1 – Foundations:  Ideal for fully vaccinated puppies who have completed puppy school. (Min Age 3 Months)

Level 1 introduces you to the K9 Care training framework. Communication, canine body language and how to use reward skills & mechanisms well to motivate your dog.

  All the basics are covered including: Focus & attention, Sit, Stay, Drop, Recall, Lead walking & On lead socialisation.

You will also learn essential skills, such as negotiating obsitcles like stairs safley & crossing roads without pulling. Important social skills such as meeting people and dogs calmly are also covered.


 Level 2 Life Skills – Ideal for dogs and owners who have completed Level 1.

 Dog training 2 022This is where you will develop the skills you need to get your dog to respond to you well in real life situations

Improve your dogs lead walking & focus with distractions, like traffic, other people and dogs.

Meeting other people and dogs calmly.

Recall from Distance and also Recall from Distractions like other dogs & people

Important elements are also included such as motivating & rewarding using play through games like TUG & Touch. Developing Distance & Off lead control.


“We learnt skills that will last us a lifetime” Shevaun and Odi snap

 “Ody has completed Level 1 and 2, and is now a     pleasure to walk on the lead.”

Shevaun & Owen