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Educating owners is my No 1 Priority. Some useful videos below to get you started. Head over to my YouTube Channel to see more. ย Modern Training is highly effective, FUN for both dawgs & owners. The more you know the the more will enjoy your dog.

Top 5 Things To Teach Your Dog 1st

This video will show you what they are & how to teach them..

Learn how to teach your dog their Name, to Sit, Stay, Come & Drop.

Start Training at home first to create a solid foundation of basic behaviours.

Then re teach, adding distractions by working in different environments like your garden before trying to work out doors with high distractions.

How To Teach Sit & Stay By The Door


Simple Skill that can save your dogs life

Quick & Easy to Teach..

Nothing worse than watching your dog bolting out the front door & across a busy road.

Cost of Owning a Puppy For Life

Owning a puppy can be surprisingly expensive

This video will show you the key times when expenses are higher and give you insights into how & when costs can increase unexpectedly.

Training Old Vs New

A light hearted look comparing old and new styles of training.

Modern training is about motivating and rewarding.

Old style training involves using pressure / punishment to gain compliance

Modern training is way more fun and way more effective ๐Ÿ™‚

Sit & Stay 10 Second Challenge

Sit & Stay is a simple & fun skill to teach and can save your dogs life.

This exercise improves impulse control and responsiveness

Please try this at home..

Training with Food. Top Tips

Using food in training is very valuable.

However different types of food have different values to dogs.

Find out what foods your dog likes the most and use those in your training to get the best results.

Top 3 Problems Using Food in Training

Its important to use food properly in training.

Learn how to avoid the common problems and get the most out of your training

Lead Walking

Level 1 Foundations Course Assignment

Walking with a dog who doesn’t PULL ON THE LEAD is a JOY.

Teaching your dog to walk well on a lead is a useful and essential skill to develop. It’s easy when you have a little understanding of Positive Association Training, and take a little time to practice.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Level 1 clients complete this assignment to demonstrate they are creating a good foundation for their lead walking skills.

Shanti Slow Mo FUN ๐Ÿ™‚

Shanti Just Loves the beach

Level 1 Brill Assignments

Some Highlights from some of the best Level 1 Foundations assignments.

Training is simple & fun. All you need to know is what to do and how to do it.

Then Just do it ๐Ÿ™‚ And you will get great results like these guys

Level 2 Life Skills

Level 2 Life Skills is where clients take their training to the next level.

Mat work is a key part of this course and the assignment.

Level 2 also covers refining lead walking, recall and focus with distractions. And dealing with adolescent changes.

Why Early Training is Best

When you start training early you get the opportunity to create the habits you want your dog to have, quickly & easily.

Start training the day your puppy drives in your home. They learn very quickly when their young.

leaving training till their older takes longer as you have to undo the bad habits that have started.

Duggy and the racquet

Meet Duggy – He gets really overexcited every time his owner gets out the racquet to swat moths in the garden.

This is a true story that was filmed over a period of 8 weeks. And shows how Duggy & his owner overcame his reactive behaviour.

The same techniques apply to many things, like Brooms Bikes, Birds, Cars, Hoses, Skateboards.

Changing behaviour takes time and effort but is so worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

Make Dogs Happy

Dogs who have to much time on their paws get up to mischief, like Digging, Barking & Chewing.

Feeding your dog from a bowl is over in seconds, leaving them with nothing else to do, this is where many problems start.

These simple feeding tips will give you ideas on how to make feeding your dog take longer, and be much more rewarding.

Making your dog happy & you happy too ๐Ÿ™‚