K9 Care Videos

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Educating owners is my No 1 Priority. Some useful videos below to get you started. Head over to my YouTube Channel to see more.

Modern Training is Highly Effective & FUN for both dawgs & owners.

Top 5 Things To Teach Your Dog 1st

Learn how to teach your dog their Name, to Sit, Stay, Come & Drop.

Start Training at home first to create a solid foundation of basic behaviours.

Then re teach, adding distractions by working in different environments like your garden before trying to work out doors with high distractions.

Puppies Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid


Thinking of getting a puppy or recently got one.

Puppies Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid will help you get started on the right track.

Avoid common problems like poor Early Socialisation & Training.

Find out what changes you can expect as your puppy develops.

Top Tips Socialisation


Socialising young puppies early & well, with a wide range of experiences is critically important and often underestimated.

You only have till 4 months of age to socialise your puppy with all the everyday things in your life.

Top Tips Puppy Socialisation will give you all the tips you need to get your puppy off to a great start in life and be the confident & happy dog you want them to be.

Top 10 Training Tips

Top Ten Training Tips will help get you started on the right track & avoid common problems.

Celebrating 10 years as a professional trainer, and marking this special anniversary by donating up to $1,000 to Shenton Park Dogs Refuge & East Fremantle Primary School, where I run my courses, for Views, Likes and Comments.

Tip No 1 Start Early !!

Good Toys, Bad Toys,, But Why ??

Dogs loves chasing balls & frisbees, but there are problems with over / excessive use. This video.

Good Toys Bad Toys But Why ??, will give you tips on safe usage, how to avoid common problems that lead to Injuries and Socialisation issues.

And give you some better alternatives that are just as much fun 🙂

Stop Puppy Biting

It’s normal for puppies to bite and mouth but it is one of the most frustrating problems for new puppy owners.

Learning how to stop puppy biting is simple but critical.

You only have a short time to teach your puppy this valuable skill.

If you haven’t got this sorted by 4-6 months of age you will have a problem.

Introduce Lead & Collar To A Puppy

How to introduce lead & collar to your puppy in a nice way.

Learning how to do this properly is quick & easy.

Prevent problems like Lead chewing and dogs getting over excited or anxious when you try and put the lead on them.

This video gives you 3 simple steps which are easy to do and simple to follow.

Top Tips Toilet Training

Your best strategy = Zero mistakes.

This is totally possible and the best way to go.

Find out how in Top Tips Toilet Training.

Avoid little mistakes becoming a big bad habit.

Learn How to Encourage your puppy to hold. How long can they hold ?

All the tips you need & more in just 6 mins.

How To Teach Your Dog Their Name

Teaching your dog their name is Simple & Easy.

In this video you will learn How To Teach Your Dog Their Name & to pay attention to you when they hear it. This valuable skill is the cornerstone of training, helps with Recall, Impulse control and much more.

Start Training at home first to create a solid foundation of attention with duration of at least 10 secs. Then re teach, adding distractions by working in different environments like your garden before trying to work out doors with high distractions.

How To Stop Jumping

Jumping is annoying, can be dangerous & become a real problem.

How To Stop Jumping will give you the tips you need to teach your dog to sit for you, and your friends and visitors.

Top Ten Toxic Foods For Dogs

Many common foods that are OK for us are HIGHLY Toxic to dogs.

They can get VERY SICK & EVEN DIE.

Find out what these Top Ten + Toxic foods for dogs are & their Signs & Symptoms.

Contact your VET immediately if you suspect your dog has eaten and toxic foods.

Which Bones Are Safe

Dogs love Bones.

They are nutritious, keep teeth clean and provide Mental Stimulation.

But Some BONES are Dangerous..

Which Bones Are Safe will show you which bones you can use and which bones to avoid.. Don’t give bones to young pups with developing teeth or senior dogs who’s teeth are fragile.

Always supervise in the early stages when you first start to give your dog bones.

Top Tips Rescue Dogs

Rescuing dogs is a great thing to do.

However there are some key things to be aware of to help you make a good choice, and one that works for you.

In Top Tips Rescue dogs I share my experiences as a trainer over 10 years & owner of 5 dogs, 4 of which were rescue dogs.

Some worked out and some didn’t.

Top Tips For Hot Dogs


Keep your dog SAFE & COOL when its HOT….

Puppies and senior dogs are much more affected by heat.

It was 40’c when filming this video.. It was SO HOT.

I got drenched many times to keep cool.. iPhone in pocket !!.. Did it survive ?