About K9 Care

I am passionate about helping people get started on the right track with their puppy.

It’s easy to avoid common problems with Toilet training, Nipping & Biting, Jumping Up & Pulling on Lead, when you know what to do & how to do it.

Since K9 Care started in 2010, over 2,500 clients have attended group classes. My clients learn how to train their dogs to be great companions, have great social skills, like sit when meeting people and be dogs that everybody loves to meet.

“Building Skills is way better than Punishing Mistakes” Nikhil.

What my clients have to say

Google Reviews 5/5


“Nikhil is a valuable trainer who provides a great service to owners looking to improve their communication with their dog. He works in a positive and enthusiastic manner that is both effective & infectious.”

Dr Nicole Lobry de Bruyn
Animal Behaviourist @ Animal Sense.

Training Should Be FUN. If it’s not Something is Wrong… Nikhil

Giving Is Better Than Receiving

To Celebrate K9 Cares 10th Anniversary in 2021, I donated $1,000.00 to Shenton Park Dogs Refuge & East Fremantle Primary School. During the awful bush fires of Jan 2020 I donated $360.00 To Australian Red Cross, to support the Bush Fire Appeal. These donations were made based on views & likes for videos. Top Ten Training Tips & Shanti Happy 5th Birthday.

I also run a special anniversary competition each year for my clients, with up to $1,000.00 in prizes to be won. I fund the major prizes & am thrilled to have many local businesses who are regular prize sponsors including, Vet Connection, Palmyra Vet, Woofing Wonders, Pure Pet Products and Mother India Restaurant.

“ You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know ” Socrates.

The better informed dogs owners are, the better choices they can make. I love making videos to support my clients & dog owners everywhere.

They are time consuming, but invaluable. It takes about 5 days to complete a 5min video..

I do everything from the concept, to writing the script, acting the parts, the video recording, sound, and all the video editing.. which take AGES….

Check out the videos below for some useful training tips. They are Fun, Free & Informative. 100+ more on my YouTube Channel.