About K9 Care

K9 Care is a personal dog obedience training provider that operates in Fremantle and surrounding southern suburbs.

Run by Nikhil, K9 Care provides individual, and group training for dogs of all ages, breeds and levels of experience. From puppies to adolescents, or recently acquired rescue dogs. Owners will acquire the skills needed to train their dogs, as they develop from puppies, to teenagers, and into adults.

Individual Sessions

One on one sessions for puppies and older dogs, these sessions focus on addressing specific issues or challenges you’re having with your dog.

Group Classes

Group training for all dogs, these classes focus on essential obedience and progress to more technical agility skills.


Designed to refine & improve important obedience skills. These work shops are available to all K9 Care clients at all levels.

Early training prevents the development of many common problems such as Jumping for Attention –  Pulling on the Lead –  Not Coming Back

Classes and sessions are easy to follow and ensure your dog is responsive in multiple environments. Home, street, park, river and beach.