About K9 Care

Since 2010, K9 Care has welcomed over 3,500 clients to our classes in East Fremantle. I help owners transform their dogs into delightful companions with top-notch social skills. Well trained dogs not only sit politely during introductions but also become cherished pals everyone loves to meet.

About Nikhil Saha

I am deeply passionate about guiding individuals on their enriching journey with their new puppies. Setting the foundation right from the start can make all the difference.

With the correct knowledge and approach, many of the typical challenges such as toilet training, managing nipping & biting, and handling behaviors like jumping up or leash pulling can be smoothly navigated. When you know what to do and how to execute it, training becomes a breeze.

My life has always been intertwined with dogs; they’ve been my constant companions. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to share my home with five wonderful dogs. Shanti, my current partner-in-crime, is my second Kelpie. I’ve honed my expertise through rigorous studies in Companion Animal Training at the Murdoch Institute of Technology. Moreover, I continually expand my knowledge and perspectives by maintaining regular interactions with renowned Animal Behaviorists throughout Perth.

The modern positive training techniques I champion not only empower dog owners to effectively communicate with their pets but also foster a joyful bond. These methods, rooted deeply in scientific understanding, are a vast departure from outdated practices that leaned on pressure and punishment. With the right training, the journey becomes a delightful dance between understanding, learning, and bonding.

Training should be fun, if it's not, something is wrong!

- Nikhil

For Excellence in Training!

Every year, K9 Care rolls out the red carpet for one superstar dawg, awarding a scholarship to the tail-wagger who has truly set the bar high with their training triumphs!

Seeing owners who revel in the joy of training, guiding their furry friends to paw-tential greatness, just makes my heart do zoomies! It’s a reminder of why I got into this dog-training adventure. Remember, training is supposed to be a fun, and these folks really know how to lead the pack in fun!

Scholarship Award Winners

NOV 2022
Bmax & Spot
Annette, Ollie & Finn
APRIL 2023
NOV 2023
and Family
JULY 2019

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Knowledge empowers dog owners to make the best decisions. My passion for creating videos is driven by a desire to assist not just my clients, but dog owners everywhere.

Crafting these videos is a labor of love. A mere 5-minute video often demands five days of dedication. From conceptualising the idea, penning the script, performing on screen, to managing the recording, sound, and detailed video editing, I pour heart and soul into every second— and trust me, the editing alone feels like an eternity!

Dive into my YouTube Channel for handy training insights. They’re enjoyable, complimentary, and enlightening. There are 100+ videos awaiting you!

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