1:1 Training

Video Calls

Video training is effective and straightforward. Safely and easily guide your dog to become the companion you’ve always desired.

Your personal dog trainer, just a tap away

Perfect for both new puppy parents and owners of mature dogs.

I began offering video training amidst the pandemic and discovered its immense value in reaching dog owners across Australia. Even now, it remains a favored and efficient method for many seeking training assistance.

Training is simple and enjoyable when you understand the process, but it can be frustrating when you’re unsure. Starting with the right approach from day one is crucial when you have a new puppy. It’s essential to teach them basic obedience skills such as sitting, staying, coming when called, and walking well on a leash.

Our sessions are both informative and interactive, utilising positive training techniques that are easy to grasp, effective, and enjoyable. From the beginning, set your puppy on the right path. Bypass usual pitfalls related to toilet training, nipping, biting, jumping, and chewing.

Educate your dog about basic obedience and good social manners, like sitting when greeting someone. Address typical challenges like jumping up, pulling on the leash, not returning when called, digging, barking, and chewing.

How It Works

Simply have a phone or tablet on hand, and we can connect via FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom.

Through these interactive video calls, you’ll receive the guidance and advice you seek. Gain insights, have your questions addressed, and learn how to optimize your dog’s training.

Given the current circumstances, video training is not only highly effective but also the safest choice.