1:1 Training

Positive Puppy

Focusing on puppy essentials, this course ensures you and your new pup embark on the right path from the very first day.

Begin your dawg adventure on the right paw

Welcoming a new family member doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Puppies have an innate ability to learn rapidly, and establishing good habits from the onset is not only more efficient but also immensely satisfying. Rather than trying to rectify poor behaviors once they’ve become ingrained, it’s far more rewarding to instill positive practices early on. As a puppy parent, your knowledge, approach, and application are pivotal in guiding your pup towards adopting good habits and developing essential social skills.

Among the prevalent challenges faced by owners of adolescent dogs (around 6 months old) are issues such as pulling on the lead, jumping for attention, and poor recall. Fortunately, with timely and appropriate training, these can be easily prevented.

Our 90-minute sessions are thoughtfully delivered at your home, offering a comfortable and recognisable environment for your puppy. You’ll be introduced to modern, effective, and positively rewarding training techniques that yield enduring results in a short span of time.

These tailored sessions are available from Tuesday through Friday during standard business hours.



Initial Consult

90min initial consult

Follow Up

60min follow up session

Please note, these rates apply to local travel within the Fremantle area.