Level 3


Level up your training game, deepening the bond and amplifying the joyous moments you cherish with your canine companion

Refine and enhance your training

An advanced course for dawgs who have completed Level 2 Life Skills.

Dive deeper into the world of agility with our Level 3 course, tailored for dog enthusiasts eager to leap over challenges alongside their loyal companions. Spanning 6 weeks with sessions lasting an hour each, this course promises a dynamic experience.

Agility training offers a delightful fusion of fun and functionality for both dogs and their humans. Not only does it hone and elevate your training techniques, but it also enriches your array of activities, paving the way for an even stronger bond with your furry friend.

Each week presents new and engaging training challenges. As with our earlier courses, participants receive guided homework and detailed video instructions post-session. We always invite the entire family to join in, emphasising the importance of teamwork in shaping a well-adjusted and highly skilled canine companion.

Nikhil will contact you upon receipt of your inquiry to complete your enrollment. Course fees are due in advance upon completion of your enrollment.

Training Outcomes

Level 3 Agility Course Dates

Saturday Mornings

9am (Mar 16 – Apr 20)
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Sunday Mornings

Dates Being Planned
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Start times and dates may change due to weather conditions or booking volumes.

Courses run on public holidays, excluding Easter..

No Courses Easter Long Week End March 30th & 31st.


Group dog training courses in East Fremantle takes place every Saturday & Sunday.

East Fremantle Primary School is ideally situated for our training classes. Located at the end of Marmion Street by East Street. Ample street parking available.

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