Level 1 Foundations

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Level 1 is a six week x 1 hour training course that introduces you to the K9 Care training framework which covers all essential basic obedience. This course also covers: communication, canine body language, and how to use reward skills & mechanisms to motivate your dog.

Six Courses Every Weekend

Demand High – Please Book Early


Ideal for dogs from 3-6 Months

Covering essential basic obedience including:

Focus and attention

Sit, Stay

Drop, Recall

Lead walking

Sit NOT JUMP on greeting

Courses run on Sat & Sun mornings in East Fremantle, West Australia.

You will learn how to train your dog using modern positive training techniques. Training is an essential skill for all dog owners. Training is Simple when you know what to do & Frustrating when you don’t.

Starting training early allows you to develop the good habits you want your puppy to have, saving much time and frustration undoing bad habits down the track.

This course may not be suitable for adolescents dogs (6 months+) Please contact me to discuss.

Remedial sessions are recommend for dogs who have been recently re-homed, or are Fearful, Reactive to People / Dogs. 

New Courses For 2020 & 2021.


Saturday Mornings

Level 1 Foundations

11am Sat 10th Oct  – Sorry Fully Booked

9am Sat 17th Oct  – Sorry Fully Booked

9am Sat 28th Nov  – Sorry Fully Booked

New Courses For 2021

10am Sat 9th Jan – Enrolments Open

Sunday Mornings

Level 1 Foundations

10am Sun 25th Oct – Sorry Fully Booked

8am Sun 8th Nov – Sorry Fully Booked

10am Sun 6th Dec – Sorry Fully Booked

New Courses for 2021

8am Sun 10th Jan – Enrolments Open

10am Sun 17th Jan – Enrolments Open

Course duration

Six weeks x 1 hour each week.

Course Fee


Training Venue

East Fremantle Primary School, Corner Marmion Street & East Street, East Fremantle.

Level 1 – Enquiry Form

To ensure this is the right course for you and your dog we ask everyone to fill out the form below. Nikhil will then follow up with a phone call before sending you your enrolment confirmation and details regarding payments.