Level 1


Learn how to train your puppy in all aspects of basic obedience and lead walking skills. 

Learn how to train your puppy to be a great dog

Train the trainer course for new puppy owners.

Located in East Fremantle, our courses run on Saturday and Sunday mornings, spanning 1 hour across 6 weeks. Level 1 Foundations is certificate course designed to provide owners with the essential skills they need to get their puppies off to a great start in life.

Puppies, especially between 3 to 6 months, absorb new skills quickly. Envision a pup that greets calmly, stays when doors open, and comes when called. With K9 Care, these quickly become realities, not just future hopes. 

Each week introduces new training challenges and videos are provided to support learning after weekly sessions, guiding owners in a clear, sequential manner. All family members are welcome, ensuring collective effort in raising a well-mannered dog.

Nikhil will contact you upon receipt of your inquiry to complete your enrollment. Course fees are due in advance upon completion of your enrollment.

We’re excited for you to join the K9 Care family!


You can begin as soon as 10 days after your puppy’s second vaccination. However, please consult with your veterinarian to ensure this is appropriate for your pup.


This course is not designed for dogs exhibiting signs of fear, anxiety, phobias, or those that display aggressive/reactive behaviors towards other dogs or people.

Training Outcomes

Level 1 Foundation Course Dates

Saturday Mornings

9am (Jun 29 – Aug 3)
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11am (Jul 13 – Aug 17)
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10am (Sept 14 – Oct 19)
Enrolments Open
11am (Sept 21 – Oct 26)
Enrolments Open

Sunday Mornings

9am (Jun 16 – Jul 21)
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10am (Jul 14 – Aug 18)
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9am (Aug 11 – Sept 15)
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10am (Sept 1 – Oct 6)
Enrolments Open

Start times and dates may change due to weather conditions or booking volumes.

Courses run on all public holidays, excluding Easter.



Group dog training courses in East Fremantle Saturday & Sunday mornings.

East Fremantle Primary School is ideally situated for our training classes. Located at the end of Marmion Street by East Street. Ample street parking available.

Start the fun and ace dog parenting now!