1:1 Training


Corrective training suitable for dogs of any age, including those recently rehomed.

A new journey ahead for you and furry friend

Assisting you in attaining the best outcomes for you and your dawg.

If you have an adolescent dog aged 6-24 months or recently adopted a furry friend, our sessions are specifically crafted for you. We concentrate on strengthening obedience, particularly common challenges like leash pulling, unnecessary jumping, and inconsistent recall.

Furthermore, we provide expertise on behavioral issues like barking, dog reactivity, and minor separation anxiety. Held within the familiar surroundings of your home, each training is tailored to meet your unique needs and desired outcomes.

These tailored sessions are available from Tuesday through Friday during standard business hours.


These sessions are not designed for dogs exhibiting signs of fear, anxiety, phobias, or those that display aggressive/reactive behaviors towards other dogs or people.


Our sessions are tailored to meet your specific requirements, tackling prevalent issues such as jumping, weak recall, leash tugging, excessive barking, and more.

Additionally, we offer guidance for preparing to welcome a new puppy into your household or for the arrival of a new baby into your family.


3 Sessions

1 x 90min initial consult
2 x 60min follow up sessions

5 Sessions

1 x 90min initial consult
4 x 60min follow up sessions

Follow Up

60min follow up session

Please note, these rates apply to local travel within the Fremantle area.