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Looking for a dog trainer in Cockburn? Look no fruther! K9 Care provides at home dog training sessions in Suburb and surrounding suburbs! If you’re looking for group dog training classes in Cockburn, group dog training classes run in East Fremantle.

Cockburn Dog Training

K9 Care Obidence Training

Discover why K9 Care is Cockburn’s top choice for dog training. Nikhil is a certified & experienced trainer who specialises in positive reinforcement, tailoring programs to each dog’s unique needs.
Dedicated to fostering a deep bond between pets and their owners, ensuring lasting behavioral improvements. With a commitment to community and a passion for pet welfare, K9 Care’s programs are designed not just for obedience, but for enhancing the overall well-being of pets and their families in Cockburn. Choose us for a happier, well-behaved dog and a stronger, more joyful relationship with your dog!

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Group Dog Training Classes in Cockburn

Group Dog Training
K9 Care Obedience Training, located in East Fremantle, extends its expert dog training services to Cockburn residents, offering comprehensive certificate courses in a small group setting. Our approach is designed to provide individual attention and achieve excellent outcomes, specifically tailored for the developmental needs of puppies, ensuring they grow into well-behaved adult dogs.

Level 1


Your starting point in learning how to train your dog. Ideal for fully vaccinated puppies who have completed puppy school (min age 3 months).

Level 2

Life Skills

Ideal for dogs and owners who have completed Level 1. This course will develop the skills you need to get your dog to respond to you well in real life situations.

Level 3


Take your training to another level with Level 3 – Agility. Have even more fun with your dog. Agility is suitable for owners who have completed Level 2.

At Home Dog Training Cockburn

Individual Training Sessions

Whether you’ve welcomed a new pup or have a seasoned canine companion, these 1:1 sessions are tailored just for you. Start your puppy’s training journey on the right paw. Tackle typical teenage troubles like attention-seeking jumps, leash tugging, and inconsistent recalls.

Positive Puppy

Puppy Training in Cockburn

This unique program is tailored for those embarking on the journey with a new puppy, offering essential tools to guide both you and your furry friend towards a harmonious bond.


Remedial Dog Training Cockburn

Enhance your dog’s fundamental commands such as sit, stay, come, and drop while refining your leash-handling techniques from the comfort of your home.


Group dog training courses take place in East Fremantle every Saturday & Sunday.

East Fremantle Primary School is ideally situated for our training classes. Located at the end of Marmion Street by East Street. Ample street parking available.

Recommended Dog Trainer

Part proceeds from all courses are donated to the Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home.

Through group training and individual sessions, I’ve had the privilege of guiding hundreds of pet parents and their rehomed dogs. My focus is on laying a solid foundation to ensure these dogs enjoy a bright future in their forever homes.

Cockburn Dog Trainer

Nikhil Saha

I am deeply passionate about guiding individuals on their enriching journey with their new puppies. Setting the foundation right from the start can make all the difference.

With the correct knowledge and approach, many of the typical challenges such as toilet training, managing nipping & biting, and handling behaviors like jumping up or leash pulling can be smoothly navigated. When you know what to do and how to execute it, training becomes a breeze.

The modern positive training techniques I champion not only empower dog owners to effectively communicate with their pets but also foster a joyful bond. These methods, rooted deeply in scientific understanding, are a vast departure from outdated practices that leaned on pressure and punishment. With the right training, the journey becomes a delightful dance between understanding, learning, and bonding.

Training should be fun, if it's not, something is wrong!

- Nikhil